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Japanese-brand Automakers Mark 35 Years of Manufacturing and R&D in America

New Report Highlights History of Growth in JAMA Members’ U.S. Employment and Automotive Production

Washington, D.C. – Today, the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association’s U.S. office (JAMA USA) released its 2017-2018 Contributions Report “35 Years of Manufacturing and R&D in America.” The report celebrates JAMA member companies’ decades-long history of investment and innovation in the U.S. and features 2016 U.S. economic contributions data showing that JAMA members produced a record-high of nearly four million vehicles in the U.S., a more than tenfold increase since the mid-1980s. It also shows that JAMA members provide over 90,000 direct U.S. jobs in manufacturing, R&D, and other roles; an eightfold increase over the same time span.

Since the first Japanese-brand auto manufacturing facility was built in the U.S. in the early 1980s, JAMA members have increased their commitment to investing in America and creating high-quality U.S. jobs. “From auto plants to R&D facilities and beyond, our members’ deeply-rooted direct investments, now totaling about $45.6 billion in cumulative manufacturing investment alone, underscore their tremendous impact on the American auto industry and the economy as a whole,” said Manny Manriquez, JAMA USA General Director.

“Japanese-brand automakers’ highly-skilled U.S. workforce is at the core of their efforts to build and develop globally competitive vehicles,” added Manriquez. “JAMA members have always understood this, which is why they continuously provide and support advanced skills training through a range of workforce development and STEM education initiatives. Our members are also deeply engaged in their local communities and often partner with local organizations on educational and social initiatives beyond the walls of their facilities.”

Over the past 35 years of manufacturing and R&D in America, JAMA members have changed the face of U.S. auto manufacturing, and they continue to push the boundaries of engineering and design. Manriquez commented, “The recent announcements by a number of our members regarding manufacturing plant expansions, new production efforts and more R&D investments in the U.S., demonstrate our strong continued commitment to the American workforce and the future vitality of the auto industry in America.”

Below are key data points from the report:

To read and download the full report, click here.

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