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2017-2018 Contributions Report Highlights 35 Years of JAMA Members’ Manufacturing Presence in America

The Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association’s (JAMA) U.S. office has released its 2017-2018 Contributions Report. Our 2017-2018 report celebrates JAMA member companies’ 35 year history of investment and innovation in the U.S. and features updated U.S. contributions data showing that JAMA members produced a record-high of nearly four million vehicles in the U.S. in 2016, a more than tenfold increase since the mid-1980s. It also shows that JAMA members provide over 90,000 direct U.S. jobs in manufacturing, R&D, and other roles; an eightfold increase over the same time span.

Please read and download the 2017-2018 Report: 35 Years of Manufacturing and R&D in America, and follow  @JapanAutosUSA on Twitter to keep up to date on JAMA members’ activities and their economic and social  contributions in the United States.

Click to View and download the full report:

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