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Understand the real reasons for current auto market share in Japan, and seize trade talk’s full opportunities

The Japanese government and the Japanese auto industry have repeatedly offered to discuss both concerns and  opportunities in Japan’s auto markets and have responded positively to those who take advantage of the outreach.  The offer is still open. This is the way to go, rather than dwelling on history, blaming the yen and demanding market  share. Regardless of perspective on Japan’s auto market, let’s put the true facts on the table and let the chips fall  where they may.

The bottom line is that neither the U.S. nor the Pacific Rim should lose the unique opportunity presented by the Obama administration. Completing this task will likely be a difficult undertaking.

There are, undoubtedly, a variety of special interests, misconceptions and suspicions in all countries that must be overcome. But the goals can be reached if we keep the eye on the ultimate benefits to be gained across the board and move forward together.

Original Source: Detroit Free Press

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