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The Truth About Cars: “Surprising Japanese Exports: American Jobs”

By Bertel Schmitt

May 28, 2013



The fact that GM creates 6,000 jobs in China and will invest $11 billion in China until 2016 (and $16 billion in America)  gets all the headlines.  What falls under the table is the fact that someone else invests $76 billion each year straight into more than a million Americans.  It’s the Japanese auto industry.


Jobs From Japanese Transplants
Spin-off production325,000
Spin-off dealer339,000
Annual compensation$76,000,000,000
Source: JAMA


Japanese-branded automobile plants account for nearly 40 percent of all U.S. automobile production. What’s more, Japanese automakers are a major driver of exports – from America to the world. Honda estimates it will become a “net exporter” of automobiles from North America by 2014. Toyota expects to export more vehicles from North American plants than the Detroit 3 automakers, and foresees a future where all Toyota cars sold in U.S .may eventually be built here.

Original Source: The Truth About Cars

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