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The Beauty of Choices

By Anita Rajan, General Director

This year opened with excitement around the increasing numbers of electrified vehicle models at the 2023 Washington DC Auto Show. Top Biden Administration officials took the opportunity to visit the show’s EV Pavilion. Specifically, they took time to discuss and interact with the widely available battery electric vehicle (BEV) models produced by Nissan, Subaru, and Toyota. Electrified vehicles, including conventional hybrids, were on display throughout the exhibition halls, reflecting a nearly industry-wide shift toward electrified vehicles in an effort to decarbonize transportation. And it’s events like the auto show where consumers can see and experience first-hand, the choices available to them should they want to enter or continue their journey in the electrified vehicle space.

Japanese-brand automakers are committed to a more electrified future and are working to give every consumer the electrified vehicle choice that best fits their lifestyle and needs.

Members of the Biden Administration visit with automakers featured at the EV Pavilion at the DC Auto Show
Subaru Solterra BEV at the DC Auto Show
Nissan LEAF BEV at the DC Auto Show
Toyota bZ4x BEV at the DC Auto Show
Lexus RZ BEV at the DC Auto Show

For instance, are you comfortable with your vehicle as you know it but would prefer to fill up at the gas station a little less? Conventional hybrids, including those produced by Honda and Toyota, are more fuel-efficient than their gas counterparts since they use an internal combustion engine (ICE), but also feature one or more electric motors that allow them to draw on energy stored via an onboard battery that charges while the vehicle is in motion.

Are you excited about having the option to plug in or fill up? Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), like those produced by Mazda, Mitsubishi Motors, Subaru, and Toyota, offer consumers a technology that includes both an ICE and an electric motor powered by a battery, which can be charged by plugging in right at home or at a charging station. In a PHEV, most of your miles will be driven on electric power but when needed, the ICE motor will support even longer trips.

If you are seeking to embrace the experience of a fully electric vehicle, then check out the growing variety of BEV options including those offered by Nissan, Subaru, and Toyota. These vehicles operate solely by a battery powered electric motor and similar to PHEVs, you can charge up at home, work, and increasingly on the go as the vehicle charging network continues to expand day by day. The instant acceleration and quiet ride can make commuting and road-tripping that much more fun and relaxing!

Japanese-brand automakers continue to focus on providing consumers various electrified vehicle options to fulfill their diverse needs. Life is full of choices, and whatever choice consumers make, it’s a step taken together toward an electrified future. 

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