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JAMA Members’ Coronavirus Response Efforts and Community Support Initiatives

By Manny Manriquez, General Director

The coronavirus has taken an immense toll throughout the United States and the world around us. The effects are felt within every facet of our society, and we feel the awesome weight of this moment in time. Much like the broader society, the automotive industry has never experienced a phenomenon quite like the coronavirus pandemic. We have faced supply shocks brought on by natural disasters and international trade tensions, and we have seen production downturns as a result of economic struggles, but this is the first time that modern society – and, by extension, our industry – has had to contend with a problem of such far-reaching proportions. By late March of this year, the entire U.S. auto industry halted production, including all 24 of JAMA members’ U.S. manufacturing plants. Production floors across the country went dark as America, and the entire world, struggled with the devastating impacts of the pandemic. Now the auto industry and the U.S. economy are in a recovery phase, but the path forward remains challenging.

One of the industry’s ongoing challenges has been determining how to ensure the health and safety of employees. Amid the onset of the pandemic, I was struck by the clarity of our members’ response. There is no question employee health and safety are always the most important priorities for our members. Since the early days of the crisis, the American auto industry worked tirelessly to develop and implement new protocols, standards, and practices designed to enable the safe and efficient restart of production.

Looking back at our industry’s response to the pandemic itself, we see that automakers of all origins have supported relief efforts to address the crisis. We are particularly proud of the work that Japanese-brand automakers have done to produce and donate personal protective equipment (PPE). This critically important work is in addition to numerous community-based relief programs and other activities geared towards seeing our members’ employees, customers, and communities through to the other side of this crisis.

Below is a small sample of our members’ efforts to support communities across America:

These activities, along with the various other efforts Japanese-brand automakers have been involved in for decades, further illustrate our commitment to supporting local communities and our dedication to being good corporate citizens. And today we strongly believe that, in order to face a future filled with uncertainty, we must all work together and support each other through these difficult times. This is an ethos that we can all take to heart.

[Note: to view a more detailed list of our members’ coronavirus-related community support activities, click here]

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