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2016-2017 Annual Contributions Report Shows JAMA Members’ Dynamic Role in the U.S. Auto Industry

The Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association’s (JAMA) U.S. office has released its 2016-2017 Contributions Report.  The report shows that last year, JAMA members reached record highs in U.S. employment, U.S. production, and U.S. parts purchases. The growing investment in new technologies, vehicle manufacturing, and the communities in which our members operate, illustrates that Japanese-brand automakers are an integral part of the American automotive industry in the United States.

Please read and download the 2016-2017 Report: Driving America’s Automotive Future, and follow  @JapanAutosUSA on Twitter to keep up to date on JAMA members’ activities and their economic and social  contributions in the United States.

Click to View and download the full report:


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