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The Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc. (JAMA) is a non-profit industry association which comprises Japan's fourteen manufacturers of passenger cars, trucks, buses and motorcycles. The JAMA USA office is located in Washington, D.C.


April 27 2015

Apr 27 2015

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McClatchy: JAMA USA General Director, “Free trade benefits companies that are ready to compete”

Ron Bookbinder, general director of the association, said Japanese automakers were providing Americans with the vehicles they wanted but that U.S. automakers were not giving Japanese consumers the tiny cars they desired.

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April 17 2015

Apr 17 2015

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Forbes: JAMA USA General Director, "Each country is entitled to its own fuel economy, emissions and safety standards"

Bookbinder said the regulations that Levin and others refer to as non-tariff barriers had legitimate purposes and were not intended to discriminate against U.S. imports. “Each country is entitled to its own fuel economy, emissions and safety standards,” he said.

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April 7 2015

Apr 7 2015

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Pew Global: Pew Poll Shows Americans See Japanese as Free Traders

In 1989, amid serious trade tensions, just 22% of Americans held the view that Japan had a fair trade policy with the U.S., according to a Times Mirror survey. In 2015, 55% of Americans see Japan as a fair trader.

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