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The Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc. (JAMA) is a non-profit industry association which comprises Japan's fourteen manufacturers of passenger cars, trucks, buses and motorcycles. The JAMA USA office is located in Washington, D.C.


July 31 2015

Jul 31 2015

News & Insights

AL.com: Japanese automakers, including Alabama plants, increase U.S. output, purchases

Japanese automakers’ U.S. operations reached record highs last year, as production and exports climbed, along with other benchmarks….74 percent of Japanese-brand vehicles sold in the U.S. are built in North America, up from 71 percent in 2013.

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July 28 2015

Jul 28 2015

Press Releases

Japanese-Brand Automakers Increase U.S. Economic Contributions to New Record Highs

“On the verge of a historic trade deal, Japanese automakers are strengthening their commitment to the United States…JAMA members also have record-high U.S. production, exports from U.S. plants, and American-made parts purchases, which demonstrates Japanese automakers’ dedication to investing in America.”

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July 27 2015

Jul 27 2015

News & Insights

Bloomberg: U.S. Automakers Leery as Pacific Trade Deal Emerges

“Given the Japanese automakers’ commitment here, I don’t see much change in the US market if a TPP is reached,” Mr Bookbinder said.

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Japanese Automakers' Production, Investment, and R&D Support U.S. Economic Growth

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74% of Japanese-Brand Vehicles Sold in the U.S. are Built in North America

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JAMA USA shares information and data about Japanese automakers’ U.S. economic/social contributions, alternative-powered vehicles, new environmental/energy-efficient technologies and innovative safety features via Twitter.


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